We are so excited to have you here!


Cheers to our upcoming couple’s session!

This is your guide on what’s going to happen during the greatest couple session so far completed with what to wear tips. Yes, you will also find color schemes there.

The touchdowns of the sessions are the same for concepts and simple couple sessions. All you need is love. And to enjoy everything that is about to happen.

The main idea around every session is for you to recognize yourselves when watching the film, be it right after delivery or 5 years later. We will guide you but we won’t pose you. We don’t want anything forced or setup that will make you cringe later.

Guiding means that we will show you the best spot in which you can do your thingie. You can do your best silly faces, kiss, hug, whatever you do when you are together. Posing, on the other hand, means directing you in certain fixed positions that may look good in the camera but you may not recognize your energy in. We are not fans of that.

So what is going to happen during this couple session? Well, we’ll walk a bit, we’ll talk a bit, we’ll laugh a lot, we’ll walk some more.

You can always add a more personal touch to your film through details.

We would love to meet your furry friends if you want to bring them along.

If you love the comfort of your own home and the precious memories you have in your place, we can have an in-home session.

You love baking? That’s great because we love cookies and we’re excited to capture your small little moments of joy.

You love hiking or adventure sports? Just let us know and we’ll pack properly.

We’ll film and you’ll do your thing.

Simple as that.

After all this talk you might want to know how does a couple session look in the end. Well you’re in luck because you will find some riiight in this link.

CLICK IT!     

You may notice that some of them have flowers, a flamboyant decor and a bigger team. We call those ‘Concepts’. While at a couple session there’s just the four of us – #despateam and your team, during Concepts we also team up with great florists and amazing photographers for a complete experience.

We reached the end of this guide and here comes our biggest and most important advice before the couple session: EAT.

Pack some water and snacks for the session but you should have a proper meal right before we start.
Just like our fellow #despateam Maria, someone might get hangry after a while and we wouldn’t want to have to end the session sooner due to their impatience.

We know that when some of us are hungry, our patience and presence is put to test.

We are not saying you might be the same, but you know, just in case.

We strongly advise you to eat properly right before the session. We can even meet 2h earlier than the scheduled hour, grab some lunch together and use this opportunity for you to get used to our cheesy jokes.

Either way, EAT!

If you have anymore questions, don’t hesitate to let us know!


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