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We are Maria & Florin

A husband and wife team of award-winning wedding filmmakers.
Florin is the relaxed one, Maria is the energetic one. We befriend almost every dog we meet and think goats are the funniest animals out there.

While we cherish cozy moments that come with a good glass of red wine, we do love a great adventure.

Let’s mark together things on the adventure list to receive an ADVENTURER badge AND a sweet deal on your wedding film.

Let’s go on an adventure together!

It’s very important that we connect.

We are looking for loving, happy, relaxed and non traditional couples because we know best how to tell their story. We encourage you to do things your own way. Because in the end it’s important that you’ll have the best memories capturing the real you.

We are not all about weddings, but we are all-in on the filmmaking life.

We do make films about our holidays, about the out-of-ordinary people we meet and about companies with a strong desire to make a change.

Because we also want to make a change, part of our revenue goes to Supereroi Printre Noi.


Elope anytime, anywhere*

Visit any Game of Thrones filming locations around the world

Elope in the Danube Delta

Attend Burning Man

Cheese, wine and castles in France countryside

Discover Plitviče Lakes National Park

Gaze Up at the Northern Lights

Rooftop ceremony in Prague

Wear a mask at the Venetian carnival

Wander through Montenegro landscapes

Roam around the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech

Name all the colors we see in Cinque Terre, Italy

Hike the Dolomites and stop for a break at Lago di Braies

Breakfast with giraffe herds in Kenya

Explore Glenfinnan, Castle Stalker, Durness and basically the Scottish Highlands

* If you are planning something relaxed, adventurous, and non-traditional, but your dream location isn’t on our adventure list, please contact us!

We want to wander the world and would love to do it with you.



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