What do you offer and who is it for?

We think a wedding film should be long enough to hold all your precious moments and short enough to keep it from being boring.

Films full of love, cheeky kisses, laughter and inside jokes whispered in seemingly inappropriate moments.

Films full of genuine happiness.

Our films are for the enamored who are not afraid to show it. For the happy ones. For those who enjoy their wedding and the hugs of their beloved. For the relaxed ones, for those who plan new adventures in the middle of the night or over brunch and then they hop on it. For those who love discovering new things, places or people.

For those who dance and sing whenever they feel.

For those who savor love, life and laughter.


How can we get to know each other?

We’ll schedule a double date video call to get to know one another. We are strong believers in connection and both of you have to be comfortable around us. You’ll have us by your side for the whole wedding day and this is a small step in making sure we like each other and your experience will be stellar.


What makes you different?

We create films that make you happy, films for people who didn’t know they wanted a film of their wedding. Do you recall that moment when you are in line at the supermarket with your beloved? When you are a bit bored and you fool around? You pinch her nose, you lean on his shoulder, you kiss her forehead? Maybe you tickle, maybe you talk about random things, maybe you just look at other people’s carts and try to guess how many cats they have at home?

That’s the feeling of YOU we want to capture. The two of you as you are so whenever you’ll watch your happy wedding films you’ll recognize yourselves, not cringe at the awkward poses you were directed into.


Do you both film?

Yes and no. You’ll have a main filmmaker by your side the entire day and a videographer filming moments like the ceremony and the party.

Our favorite preps are when the bride and groom get ready in the same location. If you choose for you and your spouse to get ready in different locations and you want us to film both of your preps, don’t forget to schedule enough travel time between locations.

What may affect the mood of our film?    

The two of you not touching the entire day and night. Lack of joy. One of you running around doing the job of a wedding planner. Keeping a super tight schedule without buffer time.
People that are bored or dance out of duty.   
Photographers that pose you the entire day. Our films work best when your photographer has a documentary style.

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Are we a match?

Do your face lighten up when you see your partner? Do you dance your shoes off at parties? Do you believe that the best parties are the ones where everyone has their own kind of fun, not the ones that last approximately forever? Do you laugh out loud and are not afraid to show some teeth? Do you think of including your furry friend in your day? Is your partner the one you’re having the most fun with?   
Yes, we are a match and we are already excited to hear more about you!   

Do you think having some traditions during your wedding day is nice? Is your photographer going to pose or control almost every moment of your day? Do you do things because this is how they’re done? Do you usually ask people to stay a little longer when they want to leave?
Do you believe that length is what makes a party great, not it’s quality? Do you feel the need to make sure your guests have a good time even though you are not enjoying your day? Do you stress over a gazillion things even when they are out of your control? Do you have an uncle or a friend that knows best what should we film?      
It seems another wedding filmmaker might be best in creating the film of your dreams.

Do you like to travel for weddings?

Yes, we really love it! The further, the better. We actually have an adventure list on our website and if you give us a chance to tick something off of it you’ll get a sweet deal on your wedding film.

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What about travel expenses? Accommodation?

In order to ease your efforts, we cover all our travel arrangements for your wedding so you can focus on other things.    
This way you won’t have to worry about us and all you’ll have to do is just tell us the place and the hour and we’ll be there.

Do we have to give you food?

Yes, we don’t fast while working! We need good, warm food to function properly.

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What should we expect of our wedding film?       

Each film is tailored to the couple.    
Keep in mind that every couple is different and so is their wedding. Don’t expect to receive a film similar to another one on our website. You’ll find the same vibe, but it’s all about you.

We’ll be a witness of your day and this is what you’ll find in the film.

Our vision and interpretation of your day.

When should we expect to see our films?

The films are handcrafted especially for you. This takes time and patience from all of us. You will see your trailer in less than 4 months and your film in less than 8 months.

Sometimes we like to surprise our couples and deliver earlier.

Do you also offer wedding photography? 

No. We do have a handful of wedding photographers we love working with and we can always recommend some of them, depending on your style.        


But do you do any other type of films beside wedding films?     

Yes, we do! In fact we have a passion project called Ideas Chat that we love talking about. Just ask us about it. Be curious!      

We also create social media and brand films for companies all over the world.

It was through Ideas Chat that we got to learn about the fantastic and challenging work of Supereroi Printre Noi. Because we are strong believers of giving back, part of our revenue goes to Supereroi Printre Noi.