When starting this blog we thought of what clients need to know about each wedding vendor in order to ease their journey.

We often notice there’s a gap between a clients desire and a vendors offering. Clients may not know what to ask for and it’s the vendors job to guide him through what’s best for his vision and budget.

We asked Sabine Brent, wedding planner in Vienna, to share a small detail with a great impact for the couple on their wedding day and here’s her answer:

If you want to have a perfect wedding, you need to book professional service providers.

They know exactly what to do on your big day and can also give you some good tips. This is the reason why they are professionals!

For example, if you book a friend (not professional) as your photographer not only that your pictures won’t be professional ones but what do you do if your friend will be ill? Who will capture your big day?

A service provider always has a Plan B and a substitute. No uncle Bobs and no unprofessionals.

One of the most important things!

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