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You want your film to picture you, as you are. Happy, real, in love. With emotions and flaws and your little inside jokes that spark joy in your eyes and hearts.
You want to look back at your wedding films and recognize that little kiss on the forehead, that smile when you whispered something cheeky to your loved one, that connection you feel oh so strong.

And we are here making happy, real films that leave you even more crazy for each other.

We are all about moments and how they made you feel. About joy. And love. And all those butterflies you get when thinking about marrying your beloved.
We don’t believe in awkward posing. We want you to look back and see nothing forced, nothing setup.
Sharing your story with us will feel natural because this is who you are. All you’ll have to do is to just enjoy your partner.

And in the end it’s all about loving each other and craving for more adventures together.

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4. You’ll have a film to have, to hold and to obsessively rewatch

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Happy Couples


Oana & Alex:
What you offer is very modern, peculiar for wedding films, and you are a great match with happy couples that want to escape cliches.
You were an important piece in our wedding succes.


Anamaria & Raimon:
You managed to capture not only our emotions and feeling, but also our guests emotions.
We organized many dinners at home and everyone relived the wedding. The happiness in their eyes, the laughter and the tears are priceless.


Andra & Cristian:
We chose you because you are something else: fresh, energetic and you helped us get over our camera shyness.
We love that the films capture our true selves.


Iulia & Tom:
We love it, we love it, we love it!


Carolina & Catalin:
We knew it was going to be exceptional but we were most excited that you managed to capture us exactly as we are.


Andreea & Liviu :
We replayed our films at least 50 times over the course of a few months with our family or friends and every single time we got emotional.

We love telling stories of the relaxed, different souls out there craving for real, happy films.

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